Every time I turn my British tv on there is a programme on about some kind a American sit com. All the women are good looking. So are there no plain women in America or are the tv producers predudice

    I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. any many of us marry down to earth plain people ( except me of course my wife is beautiful, just in case you are looking dear) so why oh why does tv not feature plain people. The world is not made up of beauty models

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    I Love you !!!!!

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    You have a very valid point. Too much emphasis is put on beauty, sexiness, being slim, etc. etc. etc. and the TV reinforces that with some of these crazy shows. I'd hate to be an adolescent in this day and age..what Hell they must go through if they can't meet the so-called societies standards!

    yes yes yes we are all beautiful women!

    They surely couldn't all be good looking, I thought only Australia had ALL good looking people!

    All American Women Are Beautiful! Your tele is only showing what we over on our side of the pond already know. It's good that the British government controls your television programming or else you'd never know how really beautiful our women are! LOL.


    That's a very good answer.


    What R U smoking? Len 1 had a good answer.

    In the appeal sells and getting good ratings is a plus for any show

    tv producers are so sooo SOOOO prejudiced! especially about american women.....most of us are plain. i know i'm kinda bashin' myself with saying this but most american women are plain.... cept for my gf... she's purdy :)

    almost everything in America is marketing if what you're looking at is not extremely appealing you won't look at it for very long. Beautiful woman you look at all day. Ugly women you'll change the channel. Just common sense. All countries have their fair share of beautiful women you also have to realize make up is a wondrous thing. When you're watching American television sit back and enjoy that's what it's there for there are also many beautiful British women you know that better than I be good my friend enjoy your life.


    Remember you said ugly not me!!!!

    I've lived in many parts of the U.S. including, California and Florida, and there is a good amount of beautiful women, especially in S.FL...

    But like most people said, it a mixture of average, good, beautiful, or not so good looking women. I think that the coastal cities have more beautiful women, but maybe that's because you get to go to the beach.

    Because it's Hollywood, and Hollywood is so shallow it shouldn't even exist.

    You have to realize a beautiful face is just as good as having money. You will sit and look at a beautiful woman all day that's why American television is full of beautiful women. They have the capability to tell how many people are watching the program and for how long. So my suggestion to you is sit back and enjoy that's why they're all there.

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