Whilst on holiday I spent 10 minutes gazing into the sky pointing at absolutely nothing. Everyone who came near or walked past stopped and stared up. What silly thing have you ever done just for a giggle.

    It's amazing what people will do if they believe someone is looking at something even if they cannot see themselves. Can you recall anything you have done to make people stop and stare

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    hahahahahahaha, I should try that


    I did that once also even had a cop stop and start looking up

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    I had my sister and husbant staying with me for a few days. Before they came I tied some string to a chair in their bedroom. Also to some things on a table. When they were in bed I was outside the door and started to pull the chair across the room and then pulled the things off the table. It was such a laugh when my sister ran out of the room . Creepy

    Orion Markham

    Lol! that is hilarious! im going to try that some time.

    I love to take a photo of a friend and then at home add a monkey or something to the pic on my photoshop. I then sent it to them and they cant understand how it happened


    You are most Welcome


    Thanks Rushie for all the TU. I love a bit of mischief.

    Take a colour copy of both sides of a dolar and stick them together. Crumple it up and then drop the wrinkled note is a shopping centre and watch it lifted time after time.

    I love to stick a coin to the ground where lots of people walk past. Its fun to see them try to lift it and pretend to be doing their shoe lace


    Yes I've done that too. It's amazing the lengths people will go to


    hahahahahaha, i'll do that too

    i like to get into a lift and not turn around, just stand facing everyone,funny to watch how people avoid you, turning sideways, looking up etc

    When I was 16 I was in hospital and there was a retired cop in one of the beds. He was nasty to the nurses. I crawled under his bed and put a hole in his bed bottle. When he used it later he had to jump out of be because it was soaked. As usual I got the blame. ME

    When I was at school one of my good friends put liquid soap in my bread , he removed the cheese. I had two bites before I realised it. I was so mad I was foaming at the mouth lol Who need friends like that. I DO

    My friend was getting married. I gently placed a glass stink bomb under the seat of the car the couple were going to drive away in. They waved all goodbye but about 100 yards down the road the car stopped and they both jumped out shouting a few nice words back at me. Of course i blamed my other friend. Arnt I a nice person



    Another thing to do when a friend is sleeping in the spare room is set the clock alarm to go off onder the bed for about 30 min after they go to bed. The prob is you may not have a friend the next morning.

    Looking back I remember another thing I did but this wasn't meant for a chuckle...I was fed up but it is kind of humorous. I had really arrogant neighbours at one time. I had tried to be friendly but was greeted with the showing of where the property line lay giving me a stern point they had no interest in being friendly. I am generally a very easy going person and I really like people for the most part. These particular neighbours had two large dogs that they conveniently let out after dark every night. I continually has crap in my yard and garbage strewn about on garbage day. I had asked them to please keep track of their dogs trying to be nice at that point. Now these neighbours had an impeccable yard. Lawns like you would see on a golf coarse so one night I got pissed off and decided I had had enough of the arrogance and the dogs spreading my garbage about. It was a dark rainy evening ( which is typical of the west coast weather). I took a few beef oxo cubes and a decent hammer and had at it. Once I was looking at a good spread of broken cube and the rain was falling at a nice even rate ....I hurled it over the fence line( remember the one pointed out earlier in the Each piece that hit the finely tuned lawn melted in with great harmony...this is the good part...everywhere a piece landed the dogs dug. It was like ground hog day in the middle of winter. I never had an issue with the dogs again. Now for the dog lover this was not an act of cruelty on animals but an act of just having enough.


    Great. Well done.. The dogs prob had a great time

    I didn't do this but never forgot this moment in time.I was sitting downtown Victoria waiting for the city bus with at least a half dozen other strangers. Out of nowhere this woman came and sat down while eating a nectarine. Suddenly she broke out in uncontrollable laughter, within moments everyone was wiping tears from their eyes laughing so hard. Nobody had a clue why either. Just as she came out of nowhere she just got up and left. I still laugh about it and wish I was able to do something like that.I have to get over caring what people might think.


    That's great! That would be hilarious!!

    I'm not a vindictive person but had to do this to my son in law. He thought it would be funny to fart in my face when I was asleep. But not when I repaid him. When he sleeps he goes into a dead sleep and you have to shake the guts out of him to wake him up. His baby son, one of my grandsons needed a nappy change. so I took a tiny piece of it and with a iceicle stick shoved it up his nose. When he woke all he could smell was shit. He looked at his shoes, around the house and even put the dog out. But everywhere he went that day he had this pong going with him. Never farted in my face again.


    yep but sometimes what has to be done must be done, lol.


    what a meaniee

    Well friendindeed you will just love this one. Many years ago I was a police dog handler in the Royal Air Force. An officer pilot complained about my dog peeing on one of his bombs about to be loaded on to his aircraft. I took exception to this cos when you have to go you have to go. Dogs are no different. I took note of his aircraft. Later that night before their trip I found the biggest wet dog turd I could find and placed it in his cockpit. It was a windy night. When he climbed into the cockpit his foot would have landed right into it. At 36,000 feet shit smell awful and you can't get away from it.


    What a nice person you are lol A good time to use to ejector seat. The poor man would prob have landed on horse s..t ha

    the tourist areas of san francisco are filled with people talking different languages. i like to go with my friend and make up our own language. oh, we are good. we laughed so hard SHE peed her pants. tee heee

    sa lotoba tideg o pholodeper soop!
    lada phodo pildeeb tideg frantootab bot?
    sa sa tideg pladah furbee ladama usa.
    tideg usa? phoso shebe furbee.

    night night

    I bought a bottle of stink bomb stuff and put it into a nose spray thing. This was when at school. I went round every part and dripped it everywhere. The whole school stank. I was almost expelled for it....Now the funny bit.. About a yesr later i had a prob with my nose stuffed up and my mom brought me a spray. Guess which one she gave me. I squerted it up my nose and you can imagine the rest.


    thats funny....karma...isn't she a wonderful thing?

    When at school the caretaker was very nasty. He loved his gardening all around the school and was proud of it. My friend and I went around it all and sowed caggage, leek, lettuce seeds through all his flowers. Great fun to see his reaction. The thing is he prob enjoyed the produce

    My neibour painted her gate green. She was so proud of it. I sneaked out late at night and painted it red. She never found out it was me. It is still red.

    Going to bed. That was good fun. Keep them coming. Thanks for the TU. I hope I am safe in bed... O yes you dont know where i live lol


    That's what you think. Just kidding. Glad you enjoyed it.

    I found and old tape recorder and recorded a message of a person who was stuck down a drain and placed it in the drain. A crowd soon gathered and started to talk to the tape recorder although they could not see it. They got down on their knees and tried to reach in. I stood up and said I would ring the fire deptment. But I sat on the bench across the road and just waited to see how many people would stop. 22 untill the tape started to play the radio station that was already on the tape. The drain was so small you would struggle to get a rat in it let alone a man.

    I phoned an uncle once and told him at 2am this is Brit telecom with your early morning call. He complained bitterly and said he had not requested the call. So at 4am I called back to say it was Brit telecom again and that he was right he had not requested the alarm call. At 6am I called back and said we won't charge you for the call.


    Well he did something horrible to me first


    I am glad you are not my nephew lol....I need my sleep

    Where are all the other people on this site. It would be great to hear all their pranks etc . Rushie and I are almost out of tricks.


    Yes that would be great I wish they would comment. But I'm nowhere near done

    Also when I was in Hos at 16 another man I did not like was a heavy smoker. He gave the nurses a hard time. I got his cig packet and i took one cig. Poked out some of the inside. I then put two match heads in and replaced the tab. I waited and when he lit it and half way through a big flare went of. The shock nearly killed him. Dont try this at home is the warning lol


    me too. grown up a bit since then.


    By the way.....I am a nicer person now lol

    During my younger fishing days, well, nights actually a friend and I took our canadian canoe up to an area of the river that could not be accesed by foot. We pulled the canoe up onto the bank and settled down for an evening of relaxing fishing. A holiday boat a 6 berth full of drunken Londoners decided it would be funny to cross the river and tear out our fishing lines. Of course we used a few choice words and exchanged some sign language, We noticed that they moored up at a river pub about 1/2 a mile up river, Now the thing is holiday boats have to be moored up by 8pm so we knew they were going nowhere. about 2 am the larger boats that can navigate the rivers at night start to move. We rowed up to their boat untide their mooring lines and re-attached the lines to the back of a large barge that we knew would be heading back from the direction that they had come from, some 40 miles to be exact. We rowed back to our cars then drove to where the barge would be moored. Untied their boat and moored it facing the direction that they were going and sat fishing just in front of their boat. We heard them starting to wake and move around so we started to pack up. Morning guys we said did you have a good night? thanks for ripping our fishing lines out last night. Have a great day oh and as we have no more fishing gear you can have these. My friend emptied the full box of maggots into their boat. Oh and by the way, the pub where you left all your stuff last night is 40 miles that a way. Have a great holiday.. Oh I forgot to say the holiday boats can only travel at 4 mph so it would have taken them 10 hours to get back to that pub.

    A guy bashed my car door at a car park. Tuff was his reply when I said what's yer insurance. I knew who he was and where he lived so I wanted some kind of payment for my door. That night I collected as much dog poo as I could. Placed it all in a brown paper bag. Placed that on his front concrete step and set fire to it. Knocked on his door and walked away. He came out and stamped it out. Thus poo all over his shoes which he then religiously tread all over his nice carpet. I also stuck a nice juicey lump under his car door handle so he could get some in his finger nails the next day. I know it was mean but the door cost me ?260 to repair as the bump was on private property. And sometimes bullie boys need some payback.


    It is strange most of your tricks involve Poo. Do you have a thing for Poo lol

    My friend bouight a new car. It was the bees knees. He was so proud of it. I took a photo of his number plate and a photo of a similar car which had been written off in a crash. I put his number plate on photo shop and copied it onto the wreck. I purchased a news paper and printed out the photo to look like a newspaper clip and typed a brief report saying smashed by garage whilst out joy riding. I changed the papers date too. Cut out the main headline and pasted my article in. His car went to the garage for a service the next day. I placed the newspaper on his coffee table in his office knowing he would read it. I telephoned him to say I thought I had seen his new car racing at high speed that very morning. I went to the garage and waited for him to turn up. When he did he saw his car but was convinced it was not his. Until I appeared and said April Fool.


    the bother we go through to get a laugh

    I once found a dead mouse tied catgut fishing line to it and towed it around a supermarket. Screams on every lane

    Orion Markham

    Nice, Lol!

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