Who is your best friend on this site or who would you like to be friends with on or off this site

    My new best friend on this site is Randy Palmer.
    Hi Randy thanks for joining me on Facebook. Great to chat with you on and off of this site.

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    Lee Van Cleef

    what the devil are you talking about answer, then i can answer, do you dig?

    Ms Sinclair

    Huh? I don't get Lee Van Cleef's comment.

    Headless Man

    Hi Rush how are things....

    Headless Man

    I think Leeroy would make a good friend, seems to have educated comments on about everything.


    Thanks Randy, I enjoy your comments as well, good stuff.

    6 Answers

    I can't say one paticular person.I like everybody i have a lot of friends.But it doesn't hurt too have a lot more.

    Rush I looked for you on fb I didnt know who you were.


    look for frank rush. There is a photo of me with my darling daughter on her wedding day


    course you can


    can i join you guys on facebook? :]

    There are too many great personalities to even begin to answer this question. Too bad we are losing some of the members...glad to see by current questions we are starting to lighten up again....WHEW!!! This has been a pleasure to talk with so many extremely caring and intelligent people....I WANT TO KNOW YOU ALL!!!


    I'll piggie-back her answer and raise you 100, Smile tony

    EVERYONE !!!!! :D

    id like to get to know myself better, i am a stranger, but not strange! youll find me in the "lost and found section . under found yet while still lost! strange as it may be im in the help wanted section as well: "experience a must" yes i must experiemnt! or perhaps: roomate wanted'must be neat ,reliable and clean, then if you flip the page i'm under the unemployed, fruitless neverbees. oooh what was the question again!

    Thanks for your answers except you lee. If you don't understand a question then don't try to answer it.

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