If the last year were a movie of your life, what would the genre be? Drama, romance, adventure, comedy, tragedy, or a combination?

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    Adventure as I am always going somewhere or coming back from somewhere.

    Toss in a lot of comedy, who can`t laugh, doesn`t have a dog. Plus no one laughs in the grave yard so I am doing it now.

    Drama, with half the population of Australia as "fruit of my loins" there has to be drama.

    Love Story. I have lots of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that love me to bits AND if that is not enough love I have a DOG.


    That's cool, sounds like a life fulfilled..

    mine would be like a musical, because i am always singing

    A mystery, with a twist of drama..

    Hmmm tragedy.


    Not horror then?


    For me it would have been a combination. Drama, being emergency with grandchild, Romance well that's easy that's the wife. Aventure would be new holiday destinations. I went to Turkey 3 times last year. I thought I would hate it but they turned out to be three of the best holidays I've ever had. Comedy well I always laugh at life, They say pride comes before a fall. It generally happens to people around me. Tragedy. My dear ole Mum passed away. So tell me what was your genre for last year.

    Comedy defiantly, my life is such a joke (literally)................

    "" Bit of a mixed bag really...too much Chinese food.

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