CLOSED: Do you suffer from any physical pain, anywhere on your body. Tell me what you have from acne to Warts headaches, back aches numbness in the fingers or toes. I will tell you where the relief pressure points are to help you cure, fix or relieve the pain. Serious answers only please.

    I study pressure points on the body and by applying pressure to various points can greatly assist your body to heal or repair or relieve pain, stiffness, aches, numbness etc. I will tell you exactly where and how to apply pressure. Please remember that I am in the UK so if you are in the USA I'm at least 5 hours ahead of you. So 11 pm for you is 4 am here. I will give you an answer when I get back on line. And hope I can help you get better. Please remember that any terminal illness probably cannot be cured but the pressure points can give some very relaxing comfort. Because I will not actually be giving treatment I cannot garantee 100% that the same results will be experienced by everyone. But it's FREE advice.

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    Right now my right shoulder and right side of my neck are killing me from should blade acroos shoulder..... I am a numb red head not a dumb blonde.... I have tingling in my legs.


    You need to apply pressure using your thumb and fingers on the side of your right foot. Where your little toe last joint joins your foot and at the base of the three smallest toes on the sole side of your foot. Better if you can get someone to do it for you. What is your career.?


    Why do you think your legs are tingling. I know you want me to give the answer and I will but just a few more details. Being a dumb blonde is all in the head I'm sure you are more than intelligent. Don't put yourself down.


    sorry i read that wrong. I'm sure you are not a numb red head either

    I get warts which my dermatologist removes periodically. I also get backaches (mainly in my lower back - sciatica) and numbness in my fingers which I'm told is because of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.


    which finger/s on what hand. What side of your back and which hip area are you suffering with sciatica. This is important as I need the correct pressure point. Also can you look at the soles of at least 3 pairs of shoes and tell me exactly where they are wearing. I suspect it will be on the outer side of your shoes near to the heal My email is in my profile you can contact me there subject pressure points. Then I can go into more detail with you (if you want ) ok. I'm not avoiding giving you an answer it's really important that I have the info I've asked for. ok.?

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