If we evolved then why is there no other species on earth that can do what we have done or can do?

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    George you worry me. Have you ever watched ET. The fav bit for me was ET go home!!!!

    Because we evolved and mankind is the highest life form here.

    every species is unique! only man has the power to destroy, and does it rather well!
    if you need to bone up on human evolution have a good read of this site -

    im sure you can find more links if you try :-)

    Killing each other is no trick, Fish kill each other, Dinosaurs killed each other, Tigers kill each other and "God" hasn't changed the fact that humanoids kill each other in fact he/she/it/them have made it worse than if we'd stayed in the cave.

    Roger Willcoe

    Without "God"

    Evolution is a conscious act. A species evolves when it consciously accepts a higher awareness.. it can happen from a mutation or an idea. There's a group of monkeys in Africa (i think Africa) that use rocks to crack open nuts, but they are still mastering this technique.. just a little example.


    My dog can open a door, fetch a ball etc. lol

    Problem is we did not evolve, we descended from a much higher species and the evidence is in the archeology of the bible. The scientific proof is all over the middle east. The problem is modern mans life experience is to short and he is vulnerable to traditional fairy stories as are his children. He generally has tunnel vision and is far to proud and self opinionated to take a wider view.

    Think about it. No animal ever had the compulsion to worship to a higher being except maybe for food.
    But the atheist and invariably evolutionist have no future beyond the grave however clever or high their IQ. They consider an empty thing See Psalm 2.

    We evolved from a species of ape way way back millions of years that adapted to living on the ground hence becoming bipedal and having to use it's primitive cunning to overcome it's limitations in speed and strength.Our similar ape cousins clearly chose to remain in the safer,easier place in the trees which they were and still are suitf to but went on to evolve into the several species of apes,chimps of today.
    Evolution isnt really random mutations that either work or don't but seems to happen in burst when species are up against it.There were many key factors that led us to our present stage.Our weak bodies required some kind of limited intellgence to thrive in the grasslands,the segmentf skull during youth let our brains grow,switching to meat meant we got greater benefit,quicker from our food especially once we cooked in close groups which led to communication n speach.

    they have not evolved ye ----- stay tuned

    If we evolved from monkeys....why are there still monkeys???

    Mabey there was a long time ago, and they wiped themselves out. just like we are doing now !!

    God didnt make robots. We, as humans, have to suffer the consequences of our sin. Greed and the desire for power is why there are wars, resulting in people killing each other. This would be a world that God intended it to be if we would turn to Him and follow His will.We as individuals still can turn from our wicked ways and lean on Him. He is warning us now of His return. I challenge each person that reads this to open up a bible and read Matthew chapter 24. It's like reading today's newspaper. Thanks for the discussion.

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