They say a man should feel his testicles once a week to feel for testical cancer. What man does not feel his testicles every 5 mins

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    I do that every day for a few reasons, the best of which I think is "I'm home now"

    To those who don't know; balls are tricky things. If your underwear is to tight, it may squash them or move them into a very uncomfortable position. If you wear boxers they may swing to much. Balls are sensitive to pain and discomfort, sometimes the crotch seam in the pants can move them over to one side, then they need to get adjusted for comfort. It's not like we are playing with them.

    Then on top of that you have the temperature to deal with, if it's cold the skin shrinks up to keep the proper temperature, if it's hot, they tend to hang low. Haven't you seen the episode of Seinfeld, when George went into the cold water?

    Ladies you should feel lucky that yours are on the inside and not the outside, so to speak.

    The question was "What man doesn`t fell his testicles every five minutes?" After the diatribe of so called answers where no one answered the question, the answer is a eunuch. The rest of us do.

    Rubbing your balls for tumors or cyst is very wise. Today I just found out my Dad has prostate cancer. I'm not sure how you should self check for that but keep rubbing you testis for any reason and it might one day save your like.


    Sorry to hear that Raider, chances are much better these days than a few years ago. They gave my Mom 3 months to live about 3 years ago, so don't let it get you both down.

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