Have you ever had Jehovah's Witnesses in your home?

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    No. I have talked to them outside my house though but they're no fun to banter with. They get too easily confused. I guess it's harder to argue when you can't just copy/paste scripture. *Shrugs*
    Several times, I give them a sheet of questions and they leave scratching their heads. Many come back wanting to know more about the mind controlling nightmare they are involved in, and how they they can get others out of the Watchtower organization.
    yes accompied with a uniterian, they banged on my door for no apparent reason
    We have visits from them at least three or four times a year. I'm very glad that they are happy with their religion, but I really resent anyone telling me that I need to join them because they can save me.

    My religion is my business and I don't allow anyone to tell me otherwise, so no these people are not welcome in my home. I don't have a problem with my church and all the teachings I have learned while attending.

    On the other hand, I do have a friend that visits with them each Wednesday night for a couple of hours of "rousing spiritual discussions over tea and cookies" and thoroughly enjoys them. Good for him too.


    Are you sure that they were not Mormons? Their organization is the one with the detailed geneology.

    You're right. I got the two mixed up. Thanks
    I never have and never will!
    yes a few times had a chat we are christians so we had to disagree over some of their views.

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