DO You LOVE Kittens ? XxXxXxXxXxXxX

    I Love Kittens Do You?xx

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    OH YES love them to bits though they are hard work as you have to barakade your house as they get in every nook and crannie so they have so much energy and it is lovey to new life I have done alot of work with kittens who have lost thier mums and reared them with a bottle you become so close to them as you are thier mum that is hard work as you have to feed them every 2 hrs and its even harder when you have to let them go and its great if you foind the right home for them most of them I ended keeping them as the homes that they were intended were not up to scratch
    I love kittens and cats, Kittens have so much energy and play with anything that moves. They are cuddly and so lovable.
    Have done rescue for Siamese cats for a lifetime. Once had 9 critters in the house, five were rescues and 4 were mine. Most were kittens when they came to live with me. They stayed until they went to kitty heaven.
    Absolutely, they are little darlings.
    Their as much fun as a ball of yarn. I can go to pet supermarket and watch them play for hours, they just crack me up. It's great when they put a bunch of kittens in the glass case, it's non stop entertainment.
    Yes and when they grow up too. They return their love many times over.

    Yes. Assemble together beautiful Heart

    Cannot say this enough : "LOVE THEM" :D
    Yes they are SOOOOO Cute!

    I don't like them I LOVE EM'!

    Yes....They are little cuties,very playful,mischevious.I love watching the mother cat with her kittens,they are exceptional mothers.

    They R cute, but I will take a puppy anytime!
    OMG yes

    Kittens are a lot of fun. So are puppies. Both are much easier to care for than human babies. 

    terryfossil 1

    How can you not like baby anything,human or animal,,<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>..

    Did I say that?
    terryfossil 1

    No you did not Bob,,i meant to answer the original question..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I had to take our 13 year old female cat to the vet this morning and leave her there for some blood tests, she has been loosing weight and we and the vet are a bit concerned, I do hope it's not too serious. While I was waiting for the nurse to come and book her in a female dog a Golden Retriever who was sitting with her owner, came over and put her head on my knee, looked up at me as if to say, can I sit with you for a while, then maybe no one will notice I'm here. Aren't they all just so cute, bless em.
    terryfossil 1

    TU Sunny..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    I love kittens. I want another feline. DH says, "nononono"

    I love then but I wouldnt have another pet right now if you paid me.. We just adopted out 2 sweet kittens and it was so hard to see them go.... (we have 2 pups 1 old dog and 2 cats...)

    It feels so good to lift a kitten and hold it against your neck. Also to play with it

    Yes I do, I like all animals.


    Me too.

    What a sweet story with the golden retriever. Dogs generally know a good heart. Hope your cat gets well. Is she your avatar?

    Yes bob she is on my avatar. She's the one in the foreground, my boy Sinbad is behind her, her name is Wilma. She had her blood tests,we should have the results on Friday.

    Let us know about Wilma. Sending good thoughts

    Thanks Bob, I'll post a comment here after I get some news on Friday.

    Just to let you know Bob, Wilma has nothing serious, test results showed no diabetes no thyroid problems. She has a couple of little problems with her blood, but nothing to worry about, according to the vet. They said it might be good to give her some fresh fish, and fresh chicken a couple of times each week. It seems she's just getting to be a little old lady, bless her, plenty of cuddles and love I think.

    Good to hear a little extra spoiling should put Wilma right again. Thank you for the update! :-)
    Oops, double entry.
    Yes, their great.
    nooooooo !

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