What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?

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    i agree, the distribution of money,
    seriously, an actor get's millions of money every year just for a 40 min show, while there are so many other hardworking people who hardly get anything in a year, it's so unfair, plus theres a celebrity who got 1.4 million just for appearing on a 45 sec advertisement, who did no talking,,, soooo unfaaaiiiir.

    the negativity that our brains have to process and keep out every day,

    I would love to see people get along.

    Humans intolerance of others peoples religions, beliefs and traditions.

    I really would like a peacefull world. No violence of any kind. And also would like that people take care of important things. We should be able to solve more problems if we really focuss in goodness. We are in 2011! Come on let's change mind and do good!

    No child would ever be abused, tortured, or murdered.

    Great teachers should be in every classroom on Internet TV. Home room teachers should be there to moderate and run the class. There are great teachers who may do well with a class of 30 students but could uplift the quality of education for thousands by this process.

    The inequal distribution of wealth. (There's a song that has a line that goes like this: "Give Me Some Of That Money!" always loved it, can't remember the name though!)

    "Dr. Phil"

    Liberal Democrats

    Id change the shape! octagonal or a hoop would be cool ;-)

    No one would be left behind. :] No ghosts..

    That's the problem with gas, it generally goes up!!

    people on here shoving the bible and jesus down my throat!


    But true, if they are that unsure that they have to espouse(Gee where did espouse come from)their beliefs to keep their faith it must be a bit shaky.


    thats quite a mouthful!!

    the gas price hahahahahaha!!!!!!

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