How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

    Some days I feel 20 others I feel as if I'm 60 so how old do you feel if you had no idea how old you actually are?

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    33 was good. I'd go back there. Healthy time and on my own.

    But I'd miss my kids and grandkids.

    probaly 10: the secret to stay young is by not acting your age

    and i thought you were 9 !
    maybe only a year changed, but not an inch of your brain ;)

    true but at ten or nine at least my brain is still developing
    I'm 12...

    I feel so much younger than others my age look. But then, I do try to avoid mirrors! Was recently in doctor's waiting room where receptionist asked each person checking in, their birth date. I made a game of guessing their age when they walked in. They were always younger than I guessed.

    That'd be a fun game to play! One time a customer asked me to guess his age, so I guessed hime ten years younger than I thought and was still too old! Yikes! I'm not very good at guessing!!
    Hmmm...between a needy 12 year old and a wise 40 year old! Depends on the day though!
    About my age
    Wow. This is a wayyyyy back thread. I think maybe this place could do with a question clean up.

    I suppose somewhere between how old you look ....................... and how old you feel?

    depends on the situation, a 90 year old when i pick up a pen to do my work (too lazy)
    a 9 years old when i'm invited for a fun gathering by friends
    a 19 year old when i'm on my part time job, which will start in 3 hours from now :)

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