Do you think War rages inheaven and hell for your soul.

    It is said that your sins and soul are fought for by angels and demons every day. It is also said that for every sin a part of your soul belongs to Satan and for every good your soul is won back by a holy angel. What do you believe

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    I believe that  I sin multiple times every day.  I believe that is my choice; neither Satan nor God's angels are influencing my behavior.  I believe that God will forgive my trespasses when I ask Him sincerely to forgive me.  I don't believe there is someone keeping score like your question suggests.  No one is playing tug of war with my soul. But how do I know for sure?  I don't.


    AMEN. I used "trespass" in my answer specifically because of this prayer and keep that line in mind when somebody "does me wrong". It has helped me be much more gracious and forgiving in recent years, just as I would hope to be forgiven. Not perfect, but way better. There is a big upside in forgiving instead of holding a grudge. Leaves my heart alot more room to receive good vibes.

    Wow, I almost answered a 6 month old question by a person who has not been with us for months. Did we run out of new questions? LOL



    It's OK to answer these? I thought it was a good question; really surprised there were no answers really offered.
    How long does a question stay on rotation?

    Yes for sure you can answer them, lol..I was just kidding ;)

    This question actually came in the days when there was a lot of bible thumping going on. Many, many religious posts and arguments and such. The members pretty much got sick of it all and started ignoring bible based or religious based questions.

    Too bad about the thumping. There is so much in the Bible worthy of consideration. I enjoy discussion when it's open and objective.
    I did notice a directed question about abortion today and it distressed me to have a political, societal question posed as a religious question. Worse, using Jesus to justify condemnation of dissidents was a cheap shot. "You" don't use Jesus to villify people. I'm sure my answer didn't sit well with any Thumpers in the forest. Oh well.

    I saw your reply and I did leave a message to you and also Randy at the same time. No question is to be closed to other members here. That is not what akaQA is all about.

    I don't believe in fairy tales ;-)


    Chuckles . . . You are a fairy tale. ;-)
    Grit Savage

    @Gabalis, I guess that means you believe in me then. ;-)

    It rages in a man between the personality and the Soul, sensual and the Spiritual, the evil and the Good, sorrow or Joy.  It is man against himself, and the battle can be lost or won  Let us all hope for Love of the Good. 

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