My speedodometer has stopped working on my Ford Fiesta 2002 . Why

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    I'm not familiar with the Fiesta. But, if you need a quick and easy solution to having a speedometer, Garmin GPS systems have a speedometer screen in them. You can just touch the initial map screen where it shows your speed, and it will bring up a larger speedometer image, along with miles traveled, and all that stuff. I only thought I'd bring this to your attention, as I use this method in driving older company trucks that often lack speedometers. In some places the cost of a speeding ticket would just about pay for the GPS system mentioned maybe it's something to consider if the remedy to your speedometer problem happens to be an expensive electronic one. For myself with a Class A CDL, speeding tickets can have complications beyond just the financial aspect. So, if you find yourself needing a cost effective you go! Plus it helps finding places! Hopefully, it's just something to do with the speedometer cable. But, if it has an electronic dashboard, and that's the problem, it can get expensive.
    The cable probably came disconnected from the dash to the tranny. Or it broke.

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