Does anyone besides me feel really, really stupid if they give a wrong answer?? Yes, I embarrassed myself yesterday.

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    Stupid about what question? Tell us, so we can all feel stupid together?
    metal face

    Welcome to the human race!You are truly not the first or last to have such a thing happen to you.

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    No one is perfect... I have answered quiestions wrong ..and go back and say oops my bad.. Dont listen to me ,listen to______

    i do it all the time!!!!!think my downfall is the sense of humour ,ive said things in jest before but been taken seriously,embarrassing when youre frantically backpedalling!!!!!!


    I do know THAT feeling, leosmami.

    no reason to feel stupid, at leasts you tried. thats more than most ... maybe next time do a little research on the question

    Don't feel bad.  We live in an imperfect world.  I say that to myself too.  There are people who like to criticise others becasue of their pride and prejudice casued by their inferiority complex. 

    Don't feel stupid, to error is human. Those things happen. Besides, you did what you thought was your best. That's all.

    Dont worry about it. I havre done that too. Its the thought that counts.

    at least you answered the question in good faith without the use of googling which a lot do.

    Oh absolutely, bulletman. I don't know if Yvonne made her mistake here or somewhere else. I do know that I like her answers and I hope that her mistake doesn't EVER hold her back.

    Hear that, Lady?

    Check my comment..

    Yes, I think there are people that like to criticize others to much. If you have a better answer just post it, leave off the meanest.

    What?  Stupid?  Nah.  If that were the case, I'd be feeling stupid once every other day, Yvonne.

    So tell us what made you feel stupid, Yvonne.  We all are dying to know.



    I honestly don't remember what I was wrong about - it happens so infrequently ya know! LOL

    It's not stupid to be wrong,just mis-informed.We've all done it. Some one from my home town asked what time the storm was going to hit the other day.My reply "What Storm"? And we got a beauty that night. Boy was my face red.


    There is someone on here from your hometown? Do you know them or you just found it out? That is really a coincidence isn't it?

    yes it is a coincidence & no,I don't know them.
    But Brisbane is a big town now.

    One of my favorite quotes:

    "We are imperfect people looking for perfect friends."

    and then there's "Too err is human. To forgive, divine."

    From the looks of it, it seems like we akaqa people are  'divine'.

    Feel better, girl?


    Nice avatar...

    Thank you for the directions, Flip.

    I always feel good after talking to one of my "friends" here. Thank you

    Its better to answer than not try at all hey and why worry after all we are human and dont worry I dont lol


    Thank you for your kind words.

    your welcome Yvonne lol

    Bulletman: and others..  About getting your answers from google..

    Whats is even worse is googling an answer and still being wrong!

     Google isn't always right-- It many times brings you to someone's opinion.. Google is a dangerous tool -- You must compare answers-- I have seen many contradictions in one result page.. just remember, its google, everything goes, Google does not check for accuracy..


    Thanks, Vinny.

    Vinny, you are absolutely spot on, an expanded answer to my short version.What ever comes to mind is better.

    Depends on the question...

    I think it's better to give it a try too. Otherwise the person is just standing there feeling like no one has even noticed their existence.  Good melandrulpert.


    Thank you for tu

    That's a great picture - you are a cutie! TU

    Speak up.  I can't hear you.  I'm hiding under a rock because I am so embarrassed.


    So how's the weather down there?

    Weather isn't bad, but there's a horrible echo and the doots are out of control.

    its ok   to err is to be human   nothing wrong with  afew oops  now and then

    oh well, we all make mistakes

    Were all human. We all feel that i hope but remember there is edit

    Mistakes can be good ,especially if someone corrects answer, and gives the person, the correct answer, we never stop learning.

    I have an idea every time some one answers incorrectly they are fined  a dollar which can then be installed into the cucumber retirement fund....


    I like that.

    Great idea! The fund is for the growing of cucumbers.

    I like cucumbers.

    yes, I do. But then, no one is perfect.

    Have done the same, but feel comforted that this is a real forgiving group of friends, and so don't lose sleep over it.  All know  we are human.  Go in goodness.........

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