Everything seems right between her and me but still when I speak to her I get a cold feeling ~ a feeling that she doesn't care for me.

    What do you think?

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    Some ppl are only in our lives for a season. I have lost best friends in the same way you describe. It was as if I was all of the sudden an unwelcome guest in my own life. All I can do is hope for thier happiness whether it be with me or without me.. But that does not stop the pain.
    Maybe you are experiencing your own insecurities. Do you in some way think you are not good enough for this lady? Have you opened up the communication with her regarding where you both are in the relationship as far as being happy? Has she always seemed cold towards you or is this something new? The question needs a few more details to try to give any thoughts as to what might be going on.
    I think, no matter what...always go with your feelings! Plus, let me say that what you are feeling totally sucks...this too shall pass my friend...(:

    I would hug you if I could, ole hipster ... all I can do is give you a thumb up for understanding.
    The best thing is to discuss it with her. maybe it's just the old age getting to her. talk to her and try to have fun doing stuff, it's tough been in the fifties sometimes, talk to her and tell her how much you care about her, maybe she's just experiencing insecurity. Invite her to an ice-cream break and chocolate cakes :)
    Maybe she doesn't care. So what now? Feel unwelcome? leave. It's a no brainier.

    Ed you are such a guy.... us girls take these things very personally.
    ed shank

    I'm not sure what you mean. He feels rejected, so how can things "seem right"?
    I am in my fifties. I am referring to a woman who I care deeply about.

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