How do sperm find the egg?

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    There are literally thousands of them. So the best swimmers even if they're blind win.

    With binoculars...

    Maybe in the same way that any animal knows how to survive, it must be instinct. Great question though!

    There are billions of what i call tadpoles.Seems like the ones that bounce off the walls and tumble.Are the ones that we ended up with. haha


    The one with the most "child like" views. You might like this .Two sperm running along one says "Where is this egg" The other one "Shut up and keep going , we have only just passed the tonsils"


    lmao...thats bad peoplelover

    How can a scientist prove that sperm posses intelligence.When they say a fetus is not really a human being.If i remember right the sperm came before the fetus.That means a fetus is a human being. DON


    You presume that humans are a source of intelligence.

    spiritual/life force/chi energy is all that is needed for intelligence to exist. There is a relationship between vibrations and intelligence. And since you can raise your own vibrations, then you can zero in on your true destiny. Higher vibrations produce more sophisticated shapes on a cell level, and also at a visible level with the proper experiments. =]

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