Would you say there was too much violence on TV these days?

    Have you noticed that there is more explicit violence?

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    i think the kids of today watch too much violence,whether they be t.v.,video games,etc.,in the end the can't comprehend the difference between reality and fantasy [fiction].
    YES I switched to the Disney channel when all the reruns started. at least I can enjoy comedy as corney as it is.
    yes without a doubt there is sex as well. i the guess its the y generation..more kids see tv murders than our grand parent ever dreamed of.. take me back to the days of the andy griffith show
    I have turned the tv off. I only watch documentaries if they are on.
    Yes, yes, yes far to much graphic murder and mayhem. You never know who is in bed with whom from one day to the next and these shows influence the young hopefuly soon to be adults.
    Murder is a matter of course, graphic depictions of violence are screened daily.
    Even the news shows graphic images, computor "games" showing people getting shot, trust an old digger there is no "game" in being shot.
    The military even have war games. In my day they were called "exercises" We didn`t play war games we had realistic exercises.

    Watch any young person and you will soon see the end result. Kids pretending to karate kick their mates when karate does not promote violence as a sport.
    yes. its teaching our young people how to do what we as parents dont want them to do. i realize we have to monitor their programs, but we cant be with them all the time.
    Yes to much on TV, video games, movies. America's children R being exposed to a lot of violence everyday. Is it any wonder why our morality&values R in the gutter?

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