Why do people have parties on memorial day?

    Don't you think it's wrong?

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    Around here Memorial Day signals the beginning of summer not just a day to remember the people that died protecting our country. Whether or not it is wrong, it has been that way for at least the almost sixty years that I have been around and I imagine it will be that way for many more. The parties are to celebrate the beginning of summer and because it's one of those holidays that most everyone has off from work - so let's celebrate!

    I remember going to see the City Parade downtown and then having a barbeque at home. What's wrong with that?
    Because 1- There is not more snow 2- A chance to ge together with love ones and friends 3- It is part of a long weekend 4- One get to eat and drink beers and act silly 5- no, I don't think it is wrong 6- and on and on and on ....
    Because they have the day off

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