Whats wrong with my Daughters cat?

    Cat losing hair behind both front paws, it literally looks like she was buzzed from middle of paw to her foot. I'ts a perfect missing patch of fur. Also missing hair back legs and around butt. Also the sides are thinning but not like her 2 front paws are. It's crazy looking! Hope you can give us an idea what could be wrong with my daughters cat.

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    The cat might have an allergy. Try switching her pet food to Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet and see if she improves within a few weeks.
    Could also be stress. A friends cat would lick her fur constantly until there was barely any left, this happened right after she moved out and got a dog. Take the cat to a vet , it could be something serious and I don't think any of us on here are vets. Just to be safe :)
    Allergic to fleas??
    My cat had the same problem. I took him to the vet and he said he a flea allergy but I always use revolution on him. The vet gave him a cortizone shot and an antibotic shot. He cleared up and his fur is beutiful now. I rub wheat germ oil on his skin if he starts itching again and it helps to make him stop. The cortizone shots cannot be given that often because it will harm him in the long run. He hasn't gotten a shot in two years and I think the wheat germ oil helps a lot. Hope this helps.

    thanx for the tip about wheat germ oil my dog has flea allergy too,dispite the flea med. the shot is necessary. but this year i,ll try the wg oil

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