Why is there poverty?

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    because most of the "haves" don't give a s*** about the "have not's".

    Because there are a whole lot more have nots than haves and it is getting worse everyday.

    the world structuring of societies, politics,greed,dictatorships, construction&destruction,love, fear,manipulative thinking, control,and any other disguise that can cultivate it.

    Because we are not all born equal, whether in family or in natural gifts.

    It rains on the good and it rains on the bad as well. Money isn't evil but the love of money is. Have u ever noticed that many times the people with a lot of money leave the worst tips? Not always but, I think the more money you have, the more you want, and the more you are (careful) with it. If everyone with a lot of money helped those without money, never mind that's not gonna happen.


    Greed derived from reptilian thinking does not allow for that generosity to exist,survival and logic strategies can only support the accumulation of vast sums of money, that reinforce the philosophy enough is never enough.

    there's poverty because the economy is so misguided and when we see a silver lining here comes a dark cloud. We have more takers than givers in the world. we have our honest people and our crooks. Money is always put to use on things that are unnecessary by the government and just politics.

    some people cant afford to go to school...n end up doing labor work.... in the sky rocketing market/economy how can a person survive if his earning is less than much cud u be able to control the expenses...the max u cud eliminate...but u cudnt eliminate FOOD... n for some people affording a home/apartment and food is also too much! i believe there r many factors to the rising poverty...and the country where we are living....some countries dont have electricity, water ..the basic necessity of living...

     I've been very blessed in my life and have not experienced what it is to be poverty struck. Now don't get me wrong, I've been broke but always had a home and food and if not a home,  somewhere I could go. I've always had a choice of clothing to wear daily and either had a job or created work for myself. My family was not rich but we always had what we needed. Recently we were in a third world country and for the first time in our life, saw what poverty really is. People were digging through large piles of garbage along side starving dogs, their homes consisted of clay and grass bricks and there's just no jobs for most to go to and if lucky they work for pennies. Then just across a few minutes away we entered the wealthy part of the city. Business suites and leather shoes, high rise buildings, ocean side resorts, made me sick really. Greed seems to be the source of it. A government that lives high on the hog but chooses to let it's people starve. Money isn't evil, it's the man behind the money that can choose to use it for good or hoard it away. Mankind is essentially responsible for poverty.

    lt is written that the poor are always wiz U thats Y

    The good book says that a man should work for his food and the man that does not work does not eat.

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