If you ask a company to do some work for you and they do not do what you wanted and then send you a bill for all the extra work, should you pay it all. What rights do you have

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    I live in Australia and I know a man who only paid for the work that was carried out. When the company complained about the part payment, he told he only paid them for the work done. The company returned and soon completed the unfinished work. And, of course our friend paid the rest of the money.
    You are well advised to get a written quote showing the work to be done and the cost of same. This is of particular importance for larger jobs. If you are getting your lawn mowed then you would not bother but extensions or improvements to your house or land 100 per cent written quote.
    I am also a Aussie and in Queensland any work over $3,300 has to be carried out by a person holding a license to do that work. It is for that reason you see ads "work up to $3,300 only). This indicates it is not a registered tradesman.

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