What happens after death?

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    Generally burial or cremation. My personal belief concerning an afterlife is pretty much limited to believing that ones' spirit lives on.

    you become worm bait

    I, too, believe in the immortality of our soul.

    You'll come right back here and learn all you can in another life. And you'll keep getting reborn here until you're ready for the larger world

    we leave the shell in which we live in for now upon death our soul still lives on and is always young at heart never aging and whatching over loved ones.

    You just die. The end.

    What happens after death depends on what happened while you were living.

    What happens after death depends on what choice you made while you were living.

    Did you choose to KNOW The ONE who Created YOU ?

    we doon't know what happen mybe another life wait for us

    If you are really interested in what happens after death, grab your Bible and read the book of ecclesiates and that is the only answer that makes any sense otherwise you are waisting your life.


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