Do ppl take it personally when you delete them from you facebook friends?

    There are just some ppl I dont want or need to talk to... So I dont want to clog up my page with their nonsence... Not that I dont care.. But I need to see certian posts, and dont want to miss it because someone wants to tell me they are sleepy.....

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    I would imagine so. Kind of like saying F**K off and die.

    OK ... Never thought of it like that.. But it did make me literally LOL... And everyone is sleeping.. Thanks alot.
    You'll have to ask them. Tell me, why do you want to post all your information for every Tom, Dick and Harry to see?
    ed shank:
    ha ha ho ho hee heee
    your answer was too true. hilarious. if i answer under your name i lose the page and then sometimes i can't get back.

    Sorry. My page has been acting up too. What I said is true. Some fools lose their jobs because their boss has been reading it.
    If you never communicate with them (through chat or message) they probably wouldn't even know you had blocked them. Then again, if you block a relative or someone that considers you a good friend, they would probably be a little peeved. I've struggled with this dilemma also.
    I have solved this issue and so many others that I have with Facebook. I quit!
    Because I use to mafia wars I have close to 3000 friends. I don't think most of them would care if I deleted them, lol. Only needed them for my mafia.

    Well I figured they would not notice.. I never talk to them.

    I'd delete them if they were of no use to me.

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