Do you like Clint Eastwood movies ? Which one do you think is the best one ?

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    My teenage son has an appreciation for Clint Eastwood.At first he had no interest in Clint but now he wants to watch all his movies. Just this week we watched Every Which Way but Loose and for the 3 weeks prior to this, we have watched the Dirty Harry series.

    I like 'em all.. No real favorites, this last one 'Torino' I think it was called was great! I liked all his spaghetti westerns and his Dirty harry movies. I guess the one i least liked but it was still a great movie was his i believe first one.. 'Play Misty for me'..

    Dirty Harry, for me.

    Dirty Harry.

    i can't decide which one, all were great but the movies i consider his best, Heartbreak Ridge, The Unforgiven and The Grand Torino and of course the movie that really put him on the map DIRTY HARRY.

    to bulletman; it's funny you mentioned Heartbreak Ridge b/c it was on my cable system Sat. night and I just watched it for the first time. Yes, it was good ---one of his best; but then, they're all his best


    terryfossil 1

    How long have you been a stutterer Hec..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Dirty Harry !!!!

    ....the good, bad and ugly 

    Easy! "The OUTLAW JOSEY WALES".My all time favorite western.

    I thought " High Plains Drifter" was a great movie for 1973..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..    Image result for High Plains Drifter


    hes terrible what ever part he plays terry same old woode face,,,

    I do not remember the name of his movies, but what I liked about clint eastwood is that he didn't play with you, and he didn't smile about it, he didn't talk that much, but he was serious business.


    Right on Vinny
    Clint Eastwood is simply .... the best ! No favorites, no blumps, just the best
    Don't know about his best movey but to me his best role wes Rod Gates in the old TV sereas Rawhide

    Read that Rodney Yates

    Actually!! Rowdey Yates.

    It was Rowdy Yates

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