Do you need a spiritual teacher to make spiritual progress?

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    I dont think you need one, but it can certainly help. it has helped me. Just choose wisely. We were made for each other so why not help each other achieve spiritual fulfillment and a better relationship with God?

    But we are supposed to disciple one another, Paul did it. You don't have to go to church to go to heaven, but it helps to have fellowship. I think we should have a support of other Christians a least, if not a big bro or sis. But technically I suppose you don't need one.

    A good, honest, loving Mentor as a guide is a good start in the right direction, although the true guide in the end is always within One. For there are two the outward Man, personality, and the inward man, the Spirit. It is thus we have the two, the servant and the Master. Jesus was the man and Christ the Spirit; the servant and the Master. So it is with all men. The true Seeker should go into the "Silence" and listen every day until one discovers it as the Presence, as Peace. All the answers are their.

    No you don't, but guidance can help to speed things up if the guide is true and pure. I will tell you, it is better to do it on your own then have a guide with an unclean aura, or blocked chakras, or someone who requests payment for their services. Even if someone means well, you may be subscribing to something impure, it is much better to seek it out on your own and take pieces of advice from everywhere, but subscribe to no one and nothing. If your soul truly want to be free, the truth will manifest to you my friend. Goodluck =]

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