the computer shows me that it is infected with multiple viruses and is asking me for permission to remove them, but when I clicked the OK button it does no do the job. what should I do ?

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    Be careful when clicking something you don't recognize, especially these things, When they popup, sometimes they will show your drive and it will show a scan in progress, just click it away.. Most of the tme it shows you you have all these infections and they scare you into purchasing their software to get rid of them..

    Uses a known virus checker.. I suggest getting AVG, its free and it works.

    Totally agree with Vinny and if you google AVG is the second one down the list and it's free.....
    made the make mistake of opening it ! I thought it was my micro soft window's security. I did not know it was a virus a real pain in the butt!! I have Comcast downloaded the free antivirus software removed it fine. Pops up some time's I do not press the OK button try to exit it wont let me.! I have to restart my computer a real pain in the butt!
    The message that asks you to remove the viruses, itself is a virus. You should not have given permission to remove it. Its a very common virus, that pretends to be a problem fixing software. Now you are infected with that additional virus. Try free version of either "AVG" antivirus or "Avast" but no guarantee that they will get rid of the problem 100%. If you have "Cable vision" or "Optimum Triple Play" at home , they offer free anti virus, which is good. Contact them and try it. Its quite effective. And in future, always "X" out that annoying message, which actually is a virus. Good Luck!!

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