will America and United Kingdom send troops into Libia.

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    Would you want our troops to go to Libya.And fight in the middle east.Our have the middle east come to America and fight on our soil.

    I do not believe any American or British troops will be sent into Libya. At most if Kadafi begins an all-out assault on the opposition and creates a humanitarian crisis by using his air force against protesters and civilians then that could cause NATO to issue a no-fly zone like we did over Iraq in the 1990s.

    Of course we will send troops to that country. America is the policemen of the world!


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    I feel the USA should send our stealth bombers there and NUKE the whole place to glass! Then send out a million pamphlets to the other rag head camel riding countries, with the words printed in bold letters saying "NEXT"! Any further questions?

    I would love to see America go to Libya and drop enough nukes to turn it into glass, then drop millions of pamphlets to these other "Camel Rider" countries that hate the US so much, that have a simple message pasted on them that simply says "NEXT"! ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS?

    whe should stay out of it,because otherwise the blame is on us,obama started something,he can not control,whe as americans should take care of our people,instead try too help other nations,

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