Do you think aliens exist or are we the decendants of crashed aliens. or did we really decend from Adam and Eve

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    If you really want the truth, don't ask this forum, start your own journey towards the truth. If your soul truly wants to be free, then you should intuitively seek it out. The truth is not a vice, it's a way of life. =] much love.


    thank you I bought a ticket for this journey a lomg time ago

    Both, sort of. Adam and Eve created the jewish race. The fallen sons of God, angels, intercoursed with the women, creating a different race, and probably where the gentiles, non jews, came from.


    Whoa back freedom fighter. What is all this about Gods"sons" you telling us there is a Mrs God who had Mr Gods kids? Havent heard that one before and I have been here a heck of a long time.

    My ancestors are Adam and Eve by way of Noah and the Mrs.

    Grit Savage

    inbreeding is not very good for the race!
    by the way, what race were your adam and eve? African, Asian, European, aboriginal?......

    Grit Savage

    what a nice loophole! it was before the "law" so its alright!

    @ lupe, "the original race"? can you explain where all the other races came from? if your adam and eve where the first surely we should all be the same!!

    Grit Savage

    FYI - . The biblical figure, unfortunately, is based on patriarchal life spans to which no right-thinking person could subscribe. You have to be pretty deep into biblical infallibility before you can make yourself believe that individuals once lived upwards of 900 years! Claims about the magical effects of vapor canopies and tropical living don't impress anyone who has the slightest understanding of the aging process.

    More to the point, the patriarchal ages are nothing more than a modified version of an old Babylonian myth!

    Grit Savage

    the biblical age of the earth is a product of the literary reworking of a Mesopotamian tradition and not the result of a factual estimate. The patriarches' ages were selected with symbolic meanings in mind, and any attempt to turn them into an estimate of the earth's age would be most unwise


    Adam and Eve were the original race. It really doesn't matter to me.


    The laws of incest were not introduced until the time of Moses nor was their need to. At that time man was closer to perfection. This is attested to by the fact that early men had a life span ten time longer than modern man. Read Genesis at your leisure. Abraham married his sister and it was not attributed a sin.

    I think who we call "God" was an alien that terraformed the earth and made man with advanced technology.
    Remember Genesis? It said something like "and he(or they)shall be like one of us". US! Implying that there were others like him, other gods. Not that I believe in the bible, but that is the mythology.

    Planet earth is just one livable planet out of trillions of planets in trillions of galaxies in the universes out there. Just as we relocate from one address, city, or country, for various reasons - job, education, love, crime, war, freedom, etc, more technologically and spiritually advanced civilizations from other livable planets with the capability for inter stellar travel, move all the time, and at will, for better and less polluted homes. Some settle here, and bring their good or evil knowledge with them. Some find planet Earth uninhabitable, or too primitive, or too polluted, or too corrupt, and move on. Regardless of what our politically insecure and spiritually immature governments think and do, WE ARE NOT ALONE!



    Since we exist there is life elsewhere, either past , present , or future.

    i believe aliens exist, but i don't think we evolved from THEM, we evolved from adam and eve , god didn't just create one living earth , he created thousand, if you think human race is the only thing god created, then your mind is as closed as an egg.


    We did not evolve double helix, we descended.
    Prediluvian men had life spans ten time longer than modern man.
    Read Genesis. God also created millions of powerful spirits.

    The only complete genealogy in human history is found in the 3rd Chapter of Luke's Gospel.
    Read for yourselves. As 'Lupe' pointed out all our ancestors came through Noah's line of decent through Ham, Shem, or Japeth. Now if the gospels are not true, Why do so many churches pretend they are the basis for their authority? Sure I understand skepticism. I have the Tee shirt. If you Google Wikipedia You will find that Egypt is known as the land of Cush and Ham. They were the fore runners of the Pharaohs of Egypt. Canaan the grandson that received the curse fled to the land that was named after him, now called Palestine. The descendants of Canaan became squatters on the land God had covenanted to Abraham's descendants Israel. They moved in while Israel had moved into Egypt because of the famine, where after the death of Joseph and several Pharaohs they became slaves and had to be rescued. ***

    In the centuries that followed Israel was evicted twice. The first time by the Babylonians under their King Nebuchadnezzar as recorded by prophet and historian Daniel (Sung recently by pop group Boney M) and the second eviction by the Romans in 70 AD under General Titus who's triumphal arch can be in the forum at Rome. If you climb up in the inside you will see the a frieze depicting the Roman legions carrying off the utensils of the Jehovah's temple in Jerusalem. This fulfilled the prophesy Christ had made some 37 years earlier to a belligerent Jewish Nation. Thus Jesus endorsing his qualifications as a true prophet and Messiah in spite of having undergone the most malicious prosecution and execution in all human history.

    Now this explanation is only a thumbnail of some 8 millions of student under graduates are learning.
    I leave it to yourselves to decide if wish to consider the salvation and inheritance that the true God is offering informed obedient mankind TODAY.

    An important fact is that Neither Canaan or his descendants ever got as far as Africa. So the entire assumption that the African race was cursed and should be enslaved has no basis either in history or law and is an invention of white supremacists who had the effrontery to call themselves Christians.

    (Matthew 19:3-6) 3 And Pharisees came up to him, intent on tempting him and saying: “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife on every sort of ground?” 4 In reply he said: “Did YOU not read that he who created them from [the] beginning made them male and female 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and his mother and will stick to his wife, and the two will be one flesh’? 6 So that they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has yoked together let no man put apart.. . .

    Jesus here was quoting from Genesis 2: 24 referring to the institution of the Marriage arrangement by the Creator in the Garden of Eden. The mighty spirit who became the man Jesus was observing at the time in his prehuman form. See Proverbs 8: 22-31 See also John 3: 13 He was also know as the WORD of GOD as Jehovah's spokesman to all other creatures John 1: 14

    What elevates man above the animals is the divine marriage arrangement. If we were decedents of Monkeys or other species we would not have a marriage arrangement.

    Of course there are angels (messengers) that can transverse the universe many times faster than the speed of light because they do not have physical bodies.

    Cave dwellers were often fugitives from Justice, oppression or maundering tribes. You can see depictions of neanderthal man if you visit Gibraltar next time you are in sunny Spain. They are humans with chronic arthritis. Many of these cave dwellers in the South of France had drawing techniques more advanced that some modern artists. If you ever go Aires Rock in Australia you will find cave drawings in X-ray form. This was how the aborigine tribes taught their children which part of the fish or animal to eat or spear. They taught children how to track which animals, what to eat and what to use for medicine. In what they call their dream time they show a remarkable perception of prediluvian life as do most of native tribes.

    I hope this goes some way to answer your questions. By all means ask more questions and I will try and point you to irrefutable answers found in the bible or in Archeology.

    Grit Savage

    irrefutable? surely you jest?


    No Sir it is no jest. During the eighties I traveled extensively in the middle east looking for artifacts, historical sites, and legions
    that would support the genesis story. It is there in over whelming quantities. But that is only part of it

    I dont know whether your into god of buy into the ancient alien theory your basically saying man was created not that he evolved so where do lucy n other early hominids or neanderthals fit into your version of human history.That there's life elsewhere in the universe is inevitable with some thats more advanced than us probable thou whether they're capable of bending physics and space/time to travel the massive distances involved is less certain.God n adam n eve isnt credible i'm afraid and us being the products of aliens mating with primitive man i just think it's a shame that we don't credit ourselves with what we achieved in millenia gone by suggesting it was down to alien intervention.I think alien species are a safe bet but am less convinced they have visited earth yet.Thing is if man is the image of god n 'special' does that mean god doesnt recognise ET !!!

    Planet earth.

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