Do you ever wonder if people on this site know how to use google?

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    Maybe I'll change my name to google. I use it constantly.
    I read some of the questions that people ask and,fair enough they may be just kids.But frankly I feel sorry for them.Some of the situations that these guys get into AND THEN come to a forum like this seeking a way to deal with it simply baffles me.

    Well that is sad that you feel that way, eveyone just asks things and sometimes because they have no one else to talk to.

    Yes I get that and that is the sad part.
    Google is a great search engine
    Headless Man

    Now no one will ask us

    Guess I'll have to start thinking up some questions then. Apparently loafhead is concerned about the lack of questions I've had so it could be two-fold ;)
    googls great if you want a straight up technical answer..but this is the best site that i know of for answering lifes philisphical questions
    Only God knows that one.
    No, most of them think this is

    I sometimes just wonder lol
    sometimes i want to talk to a real live people. google knows so darn much it makes my eyes spin and my head buzz. i yearn for a quieter simpler cyber life. <wink> google doesn't know a darn thing about my relationships.
    i'll bet people do think we're google. wow! i'm impressed with us. and how!
    The questioner's don't, but the answerer's do.
    I think some are rather older or younger ones who are not familiar with internet search but find this site on the browser. Some are just messing around to see what happens.
    whot is a google???
    i think the fact that when using this site you are interacting with people in real time is more appealing to its users than simply using a library.
    the site is meant to be fun as well as informative, of course for research purposes Google is outstanding, but what about those Questions that need follow questions and answers? technology obviously has its place but there is nothing quite like the human touch, for instance, a few words of encouragement to someone who is feeling down can make all the difference to their day, or a word of caution can save someone a lifetime of pain.

    *follow up Questions and answers

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