I think American people are great. Apart from your own nationality what people of what country do you like

    I have many, many American friends civil and forces and family. I think you are all great from a great nation. I'm British. What nation in this world apart from your own country do you like best and why.

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    Canada. I visit there many times during the year, the people are extremely friendly. Except for the parking tickets I rack up when there I love it.

    I visited Australia and New Zealand. Both are very friendly but NZ is the better of the two. Everyone there is kind, considerate and helpful when you're in need. I couldn't believe how wonderful they made me feel.

    I like Austrailians,


    Onya mate!

    The U.K., Australia, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Canada, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Japan and Norway.
    As well as Costa Ricca, Brazil, Japan and Venezuela. To name a few.

    I love German people, for the same reason that michmart 118 said. I have been to Canada and I find them very friendly and helpful.

    Some countries are breathtakingly beautiful, others a bit dull- it is the people (and, it goes without saying, the animals) in the countries that count!!!  Whenever I travel I try to go off the beaten tourist trap path and venture into true "locals territory"  I have met many wonderful folks!!   

    Canadians are exceptionally warm and considerate friends as well.  And lots of fun to hang with!

    All democratic countries are fine in my book


    whats the book?

    i love US ,we came here on our Honeymoon trip .... it has certain laws which made us stay here forever!


    What laws do you mean?? Just curious.......

    I find myself feeling the closest to Canadians. But, I also like the Germans, the Swiss, and people from the Netherlands. I also feel close to the Australians and the British.

    ALL- i am not trying to be smart but you will find everybody is good if you are. That's the beauty of this diverse world.

    Italians, scots, israelies, dutch

    I've found German people to be very hospitable and wonderfully true friends, if sometimes "strong" to deal with,  you get no falseness or '"niceties"  with them.  Sincere and rather intense, but definitely the real thing!!


    The Scots

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