the bible makes no mention of dinosaurs. Were the bones around then or did they just come to the surface during victorian times

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    Almost certainly dino bones were found in earlier times in history, but I suppose people didn't identify them as such. Probably they thought it were the remains of giants, dragons or other mythical creatures. Maybe mythical creatures were even invented due to such finds.

    umm yes it did its like in the first few pages of it... i dont think it actually says that but it said that God make all the creatures in the world

    Creationists believe that representative dinosuars were on Noah's ark at the time of the Flood which was 4,500 years ago. The rest of them were wiped out in the flood which they also believe killed all humans except Noah and his family.

    Don't take the bible, especially the old testament, literally. There are so much metaphors in the bible.

    The word Dinosaur didn't exist in the Victorian era until 1841. Creation scientists believe that dinosaurs were called dragons before the word "dinosaur" was invented by an Englishman, Sir Richard Owen, in 1841. It was created to alter TRUTH AND HISTORY to suite the manipulative minds of Evil Men and Women set to control what they didn't understand "Yaohushua" The Son and His Father "Yaohu'ul" GOD the Creator of All Creation"! Just as the word Jesus didn't exist in the Hebrew time of "Christ Yaohushua". The HEADS OF GREECE, ROME AND ROMAN CATHOLIC,AND HEADS OF JUDIAH along with others agreed behind closed doors that if they could not overcome "POWER OF "CHRIST YAOHUSHUA" SON OF THE LIVING GOD "YAOHU'UL" then they would manipulate what He stood for into a NAME AND RELIGION they could CONTROL and then controlled the MULTITUDES. THEY EVEN CHANGED HIS NAME! Both were changed to manipulate control and controversy to create a RELIGION AND ATHIEST MIND WAR that would allow those in Forceful Power to manipulate and control the multitudes. Athiest vs The Believer - The Power to control Both and Shake the Ground underneath All Others Using the Greatest POWER to Ever Walk the Earth "CHRIST YAOHUSHUA"! Dragon was replaced with the word Dinosaur to hide the fact that they did exist at the same time as Man! As stated throughout history and in the Bible. As those whom were seeking did find they still exist today. Only a smaller less feared version survived the hunger, wrath, and fear of man. THE TRUTH THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH! Signed, "YAOHUSHUA"

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