Im new to this thing and i actually really lke it :) x!... anyway, so what do y'all like to do on the weekend

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    I help people on the weekdays and the weekends. I'm retired and enjoy assisting people with issues and problems they have trouble working out for themselves. This does not include boredom ;)
    I know you're bored and are looking for entertainment but this is a question/answer site for people looking to solve issues. It is not a chat site or a babysitting site or a site to entertain kids. Please find something constructive to do with your time. We are volunteers looking to help people. We do not get paid to entertain the bored.
    Okay , Sorry :/
    ole hipster

    Not to worry child...what would I like to do this weekend? Nothing I can afford or am still capable of doing...take care of yourself and have a really good Memorial day weekend...(:
    oh sorry lol. yh but i did ask a question at the end- and its really important to me..

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