do you believe in pre cognition.

    when I was a boy of about 6 I painted a picture of a blue car with yellow reg plates parked on a road opposite two bill boards. A boy sitting on a pile of shingle throwing stones down a hole and two men in black suits wearing yellow hats and what looked like yellow coats. Now there were only black cars around then and they all had black number plates. The reg number was MCL 161 H.
    A few years later i was sitting on a pile of stones dropping stones down a hole onto my dads hard hat. Then it hit me. I looked across the road and there was a blue car. It was my dads. two great big bill boards and two men walking toward me wearing black suits yellow hard hats and yellow hi vis vests. When dad and I got home I looked through the scrap book of drawing and paintings my mom kept and there it was a blue car reg no MCL 161H a peacock blue Austin 1800. Unbelievable. Have you experienced anything like this and how can this be.

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    I do believe in pre-cognition. Your case sounds pretty astonishing due to its precision.

    It has not happened to me in such detail. I have been dreaming things before they happened, but I wouldn't know until I got into the real situation. I would go: "Oh, I have dreamt this already." (the dream itself is just like any other). Usually, in my dream there would be some kind of conflict coming up, but interestingly when the situation really happens everything turns out fine (maybe because I have been "warned" by my dream?). Also, I noticed that these dreamt situations become real within the next six months or so. It hasn't happened to me in a long while.


    I know it sounds weird but I know who is calling on a phone before it is answered. (not by looking at caller info) and sometimes before it even rings. Everyone says the phone rings exactly the same every time but for some reason I hear a completely different sound. Is that weird. Seems normal to me at the time.


    For you it apparently is normal. You have interesting abilities, or, put into different words, a widened perception.

    I find this fascinating, but I'm anything but a psychic myself, although my intuition sometimes leads me to know things before they happen. But the only times I know who it is when the phone rings is when I am in the shower, on the loo, or in any other kind of indisposition - my mum has the mysterious ability to call when it is the worst possible timing. I guess that doesn't count.

    Maybe you could train your abilities further and use them to help others?


    I have had very detailed pre cognition experiences on more than one occasion. So I do believe that this happens to certain people without physic abilities, however I don't know why. Does anyone know why this happens?


    It is often said that we humans don't use all of our brain's inherent potential. So I suppose pre-cognition may be one of the skills modern societies do not foster, and therefore we don't develop them. But same as with other abilities, some people bring along more "talent" (natural predisposition) than others, hence they have access to part of that hidden potential. Even without training, such individuals would have precognitions or show other psychic skills.

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