Yoga...who enjoys it and why?

    I love it because it makes my muscles feel happy! :) Haven't done it for a bit and they are angry! >:(

    You can make it an invigorating exercise or a calming relaxation...whatever you need at the time!!

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    Never done yoga, I have a few friends that are into yoga. They say it great for meditating and exercise!!!

    It is! I have a friend who loves to workout and he is really fit and he says that yoga actually gives him a better workout!! Thanks for commenting!
    I do stretching exercises and slow dance movements involving poise, posture, grace and rhythm to keep my body in tune. I don’t think it’s called yo-yo, maybe tye-tea or something like that. I saw it on Chinese TV and it look fun.

    Oh ya...tai chi? I think it is similar. Anything that stretches the muscles and helps us challenge our balance (which we lose as we age unless we keep it up) is good!
    I love it.. I was disappionted when I started gaining weight after I started.... So I quit... But I dod make me feel alive and taller.... Yes taller... Dont know why.

    I think because you stand straighter and are more aware of posture and you are lengthened in your core so it gives a sensation of being taller! I felt the same and slimmer too!

    Monkey what does your mug say>> I cant see it.

    It says, "Don't forget to breathe"! I found it on the net! Kind of fits this page! LOL

    Sorry...wrong, it says, "Remember to breathe"! If you click on my profile I think it is bigger!

    LOL... AWESOME... It is perfect for AKAQA.
    Yogurt is good for you!!!!!





    Yes yogourt is good for you!! But, so is yoga!! And, yes it does make you relaxed...if that's the kind you do! Maybe you would need more than 4 hours of sleep though, so maybe you shouldn't try it! ;)

    Nah, I'm not a yoga sort of person. I like physical activity like yard work. I relax that way :)
    Yoga! Is that where you cross your legs one over the other? Never happened. I'd need two horses to undo them.

    Oh no no no no no!!!!! There are some very easy poses! I bet you would love the one called "corpse pose"!! You lay on your back in as relaxed a state as you can get and just veg!! Well, I suppose really serious yogies wouldn't agree, but man is it nice!
    ed shank

    "Corpse pose" I'll be there soon enough, no thanks.
    Hold on until I get my foot out of my ear and I will answer

    Another good chuckle from Friendindeed!!! Thanks so much!!

    By the way...if you have your foot in your ear you are doing that pose really wrong!!!

    This yoga is fun. Just started and now I can get a foot in each ear. Problem is I cant hear a thing. lol

    No no's a foot in each armpit!!! I told you you were doing it wrong!! LOL
    Don't know if I can get the old body here in yoga positions at this point...actually, I've never tried it but have heard glowing reports regarding it...(:

    I actually just got a dvd that is yoga for inflexible people...because I haven't done it in a while and need to ease into it again! And because my Mom feels the same way you do, so I'm going to share with her! They say that you should never push yourself in any pose, but that yoga was not originally for flexible people, but for inflexible people to become more flexible!

    Thanks for commenting!! How are ya today?
    I took a semester of yoga class when I was in college as elective. OMG, it was a touch class, physically!

    It really can be a challenge! I love how it is so versatile! Thanks.

    I won't ask how long ago that was!! ;)

    Lol, a looong time ago! ;)

    Hee hee!! Considering that Beethoven hasn't been around for a few years, you must be getting old!!

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