Adam and Eve

    If you were to die and go to heaven how would you reccognise Adam and Eve amongst all up there. Remember they are all nude.

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    When believers in Jesus get to heaven, scripture tells us we shall be changed - we shall be like Him and so we shall know as Jesus knows and recognise Adam and Eve. Just as we shall recognise Moses, Abraham, and Mary the mother of Jesus and His step-dad Joseph etc. We shall have new bodies and renewed minds.
    Hope that helps.


    Well said. .

    Just yell out...which one of you idiots ate the apple?
    According to Scripture, thoughts perish.

    According to Scripture, the former things are no more remembered.

    Does it matter how they look? Probably not. They wont look the same. Besides, we have never seen them before.

    Your sister,

    adam and eve. what about them again, if it wasn't for their sin we wouldn't be here :(
    IMAgine just because of an apple, an APPLE doomed us all . no wonder were not getting anywhere, Genes , Genes. Genes.

    Exactly and by all accounts Adam didn't hang around either

    Niether Adam or Eve have bellie buttons. Adam was made of the earth and Eve from Adams rib.

    I don't but for arguments sake let's just say they are. How do you know heaven exists. It must do because you have just ackowledged it by calling it by it's given title....

    yes that's a good answer. Not the one I was thinking of though

    Maybe Adam and Eve were Monkeys? Also, there's not a lot of genetic diversity there. How can the human race have started from just one couple? With an awful lot of inbreeding! That might explain why we only use 10% of our brains.

    Well, he's the man with the apple seeds between his teeth and she's the one with the cheshire grin

    HOW DO YOU KNOW THEY ARE IN HEAVEN????????????????????????

    well adam wud have a beard and be hairy all over... and eve pretty much the same cos they dont do brazillian waxing in heaven...........

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