Ripen green fruit over night

    Got green hard fruit. Want to ripen it quick? well here's how to do it. Place all the fruit into a paper bag. Place inside a lemon which is going mouldy. Seal the top of the bag. Next day take all the ripe fruit out and wash. chuck the lemon in the bin. Enjoy your tasty fruit.

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    Thanks for the advice, I'll try that out!

    I read that you can also do this with a ripe tomatoe instead of a lemon. I don't know which way is more efficient, though.


    supermarkets do they have loads of them

    Yes I heard about the Tomato too but the mould on the lemon gives out a gas when enclosed in the bag which accellerates the ripening. A orangeblackman size does not matter. lol.

    Just one question, who keeps a moldy lemon around ahhaha

    what size are the lemons in your neck of the woods?

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