old banger to rocket

    Does your old car or motorbike lack omph? would you like to be the guy looking at the other cars in your rear view mirror, even cars that are supposed to be faster than yours. Well here's how. Buy some fuel additive. Take the air filter out of your car or bike. Pour some of the fluid into a small tin. About the size of a small redbull can. Start your engine. put a pin hole in the bottom side of the tin and place this next to the air intake hole. Let the engine suck it all in. Now put the air filter back together and pour the rest of the original bottle into your fuel tank normally a full bottle to a full tank of fuel. Now on the back of your car put a note saying bye, bye. Cos you will now be driving a rocket. I drive a ford KA. I beat virtually everything away at the lights performance is brilliant and I get almost another 10 miles per gallon. Sports car drivers will be really peeved when a KA leaves them standing.

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    Rushie, make sure you're wearing your seat belt, and you're not drinking. What's a Ford K A ?

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    That is ssoooo cute !
    country bumpkin

    It would be nice if all automobiles were this comfortable.

    Nitro RCX pictures here:

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