crazy ex boyfriend

    how do you get rid of a crazy ex that broke your heart the day of state and then wants to beat up your current boyfriend.....

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    It will eventually pass. When he fines someone new you will be a memory. So if you are not going to press charges Igonore him.

    Try to get some evidence on him (Text messages or email, etc). Then take it to the police. His type of behavior only gets worse with time. Don't wait until its too late.

    He will eventually get bored and go away if you don't respond to his behavior. Obviously he is getting the effect of you reacting so if you don't...he will move on.If he is calling you to tell you he is going to hurt your new bf then don't pick up the phone. If it is face to face confrontation, just say "whatever" and walk away. Obviously the guy is a coward or he would have gone straight to the new is you that has to no longer respond to the silliness.

    Tell your new boyfriend he has your permission to kick his ass.


    Sounds like its all in you, you are the one who doesnt want to end all this, maybe you still like him or even love him, and in other hand you know that he is not for you and you need to move on, if he is that bad and you dont care about him, just end it you have the power, tell him to leave you alone or else............. and if he doesnt leave you or your boyfriend alone, just report him and get a restraining order from police !!!!
    Girls play like this a lot, Ihave seen many of them when I was in college and I see them even now in my adult life!!!

    u could have a restraining order out on him if he is doing anything u can prove like stalking calling u all the time harassing u bothering ur boyfriend now that u guys can prove get pictures of or take to police but i would let the police know about this because you dont want to end up like those girls on those lifetime movies come home and he is sitting in the dark waiting on u also look him up online have police do a check on him ask around u might be suprised at what u find dont wait until its to late and dont take him for granted u never know what he might be up 2

    but i already told my bf that he can't unless he touches me or hits me then he can. if there is anything left after i'm done with him

    i'm not going to but i can't go to the police about him because they know his dad and are scared of him. the reason they are scared of his dad is because he works at the prison so christian(ex's name) can't get in to any trouble with the law so there is no point in going to them for help.


    ok, let me understand more here, I work with law enforcement and I dont get your point about why police over there wherever you are so scared of somebody who works in jail? and I dont get you point that christians cant get in any trouble? believe me there is enough christians out there who got in all kinds of troubles and have been locked up. Where you from? its kind of weird place that police affraid of pesron who works in jail!!!


    Like what? do you affraid of somethong you have done? looks like this you ex bf is just spoiled brat that needs to be spinked haha anyway I'm serious though. I dont understand you girl what he got on you that he holds it to use on you?


    no my ex's name is Christian and his dad is like nice in person to your face but you get him alone and he is like freaking crazy. Christian gets away with wat ever he wants but i can't get him in any trouble or he will turn me in for something alot worse that can get me in trouble with the law again.


    i use to drink and i'm under aged and the funny thing is he would give me some of the drinks i got a hold of so i was headed down a bad road with no help. He told me that if i ever told the police about it he would turn me in for stuff like stealing and underage drinking, and say that i threatened to stab him

    i loved him until he threatened my boyfriends life and called me a cunt so i have been trying to get rid of him but he just keeps trying to talk to me. and he still has some of my things that he is giving me on thursday so i don't know but i have this problem i'm trying to protect my bf because i know stuff about my ex but idk if i should take care of him and then i don't know if i should take the first punch from my ex but i don't know wat to do anymore i'm so confused.


    When you will see him to get your stuff this thursday, talk to him but not alone take somebody with you maybe somebody like your best friend or even dad or mom, and tell him that its done with you two and you are moving on and he should be too and to leave your boyfriend alone, or you will report it to authorities, tell him you dont want to go that way but if you have to you will!!! Girl be strong, dont let him play you, I dont think you going to have any future with him.

    He says that my bf is talking crap on him and i know that he isn't. then prom night came up and he called my mom at 2:54 and asked to talk to me and i didn't want to talk to him but then he called my phone after he dialed *67 so i didn't know it was him but i answered was that the right thing to do. but i told my bf to let me take care of him. i have this band thing with him and i don't know if i should confront him or not.

    i know some of his tricks but the problem is that he doesn't have school on friday but my boyfriend does and he threatened him through me that he would put my bf in a wheel chair for life.... i need some help or at least some advice with this problem because my boyfriend doesn't want me to take care of him like i told him i would take the first punch from my ex cause i know more is that the right thing to do?

    he knows i don't and i'm trying to get the crazy Ex to leave me and my boyfriend alone


    he broke up with me the day that i left for state basketball in Manhattan


    what do u mean broke ur heart the day of state?

    Thank goodness I am not a young person today. None of them appear to be able to handle their problems, they run off to a pack of strangers and in all probability only tell half the story What advise do they get? take out a restraining order for crying out loud she is a hormone racing teen by her wording. Tell him to piss of and get on with your life. As one of the older generation let me say one thing, saying he called you a "C " is disgusting for a young female to write to bunch of strangers. Did you use that foul word for effect or is it the way you always speak?

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