electrical/what circiut breaker is needed for a hair dryer in a bathroom

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    usually in the meter box is were the curciut breakers are and they are rated according to the general divice that they have power running through them ( like hot water heater) or (aircon)or to the lights or the power sockets . water heater and aircon would be rated higher power than your lights and you power socket outlets somewere in between so generaly speaking when you plug in you hair dryer to the socket it should also linked to the curciut breaker and if the circiut breaker continualy switches off then its been overloaded or there is a falt in the divice or(HAIR DRYER) your hair dryer will not use as much power as a microwave a clothes dryer or vacume cleaner so if the there is no trouble using the other things then its the dryer or the power socket in the bathroorm (it could be damaged from water or just a falty outlet)try the dryer in another room if its ok get the outlet in ur bathroom checked
    You should have a ground fault recepticle in your bathroom. Also most hair dryers come with a ground fault built into the plug. Generaly newer homes have a gruond fault breaker installed for bath rooms and any place where there might be wet locations, like outside receps,ect.

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