Does anyone have a proof of God or a Prevailing Intelligence or is it all just conjecture?

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    well for one thing, Jesus proved that there is a God, and that he is the son of God. There were many witnesses that witnesses that he came back to life after he died; and then he rose up to heaven. No one has ever found his body , or his bones. He also brought people back to life that had died. Can you do that ?
    He said, '' If you don't believe that I am who I say , then believe I am b/c of the miracles that I've done. Many people saw him doing miracles.
    And , who do you think designed the human body and the universe----the tooth Fairy ?
    Everything you see; everything you feel; everything you know is
    evidence of God.
    If life and the beauty of the earth is not enough, look to the prophecies that have been fulfilled and how accurate the bible is. even when man said the earth was flat and had no reason to believe otherwise, all they had to do was look to their bible for the truth. "There is One who is dwelling above the circle of the earth..." ~Isaiah 40:22

    This God, this all knowing Mind of minds, is beyond mens mere objective knowledge, but not beyond ones Subjective Understanding when seeking Intuitively beyond the obvious.  That,is beyond the senses of the body and the world.  For it is beyond the comprehension of the physics of the world, for it cannot be measured because it is beyond space and Time; Beyond the Eternity, the Sphere of the Existence.  Therefore only in hearts and minds of men may this greatest of Consciousnesses be known within, as the truth of the presence of Life itself and the uniqueness of the individuated Soul. 

    Do the statistics: What are the odds that everything that has been created in this world, is mathmatically perfect? Everything in this world fits together perfectly not just okay but perfectly. What is the possibility of that just happening? Also, if you place an object on the table, at some point it will decay. it doesn't evolve into a higher greater better object or being. Logic tells us the answers. God tells us He is our creator. Why is that soooo hard to believe. It is written on our hearts to be believers. To not believe is against our own natures. To not believe is a deception of our own inner truth. Brother, do not be deceived. Surrender to the One who is perfect and created a perfect world it is the way of life. Be still and know that He is God.
    It's beyond our understanding.
    God has proof that God exists.

    Amen :)
    i got all the proof i need.. an eternal soul santioned through christ

    Daren, what exactly do you mean by "an eternal soul santioned through christ" ?

    God need not prove Himself to any created being or creature, for He is beyond creation, though such is come of His fantasiful ideas.  Who are men to demand God prove Himself, it is men who must needs prove themselves to God.  All that 'exsts is evidence of His thoughtful power; 

    Conjecture is of mankind alone by its Tyranous Ignorance of Reality, even of who he is;  save the few.

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