Do the British still dislike Germans

    I saw some questions about deaths in WW2 Meine father started his career as ein policeman, His unit was 1. Landespolizei-Hundertschaft, Harburg. In September 1935, the whole unit was turned auf to the Wehrmacht, he never volunteerd. In October 35 they were designated III Bataillon/Infanterie-Regiment 69, and his first batallion commander war Oberstleutnant Spengler.
    Now I live in London with meine wife. As you can see meine father never volunteeere for the war . Does the new Generation of Englanders still hate us?

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    I agree with Old Fella. Most if not all who fought in ww2 are either dead or about to pop their clogs. Wars happen all the time all over the world and the ages. We have to learn to forgive but not forget. and remember our brave men and women and all who fought and died, so that you and I can have the chance to ask and answer such questions. As with many wars those we fought end up as allies or even friends.

    No, there was nothing wrong with the real German people, it was the despots and criminals who were runing the country at the time of the war.

    I agree that the new generation of Brits, or Americans for that matter, do not hold this current generation of Germans accountable for what there grandfathers caused. As far as warring nations ending up as allies, maybe, but we fought with the Russians and Chinese and ended up as enemies. It can go either way I guess.

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