sunburn in steam sauna

    do we have to wear sunblock inside steam sauna?

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    Thanks coach for your concern. I wasn't trying to garner sympathy however. It was my own damn fault. Just trying to inform others. Surgery's going as well as can be expected! Thanks again!

    Why would you? There isn't any sun inside a steam sauna to my knoweldge.

    No. Any burn that you might get in a steam room or sauna is caused by heat. Sunblock is used to block the ultraviolet rays form the sun because sunburn is caused by radiation, not heat.


    Sorry to hear that O.H. I'm still amazed at the tanning booth crowd who have been convinced that tanning in a bed is safe as well. The skin is the largest organ in the body...we have to take care of it...not cook it. I hope your treatments go as well as possible.

    ole hipster

    I am living testament to your answer coach. I have extensive non-melanoma skin cancer after living and sunbathing in Florida for 20 years. This was before sunblocks were encouraged. I've had many surgeries with manymore to come! No fun! I'm stating this as just a "heads up" to anyone who tans in this day and age. The ozone layer is depleting and skin cancer is reaching epidemic proportions! Skin cancer is expecially a concern for the light complected blue eyed blonds although even black folk can get it. Don't be too careful these days! Better to be pale and still have healthy skin!

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