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    How do you move a grandfather clock? How do you secure the chains/weights?

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    Depends, some have locks in them, some you remove the pendulum and weights.. My Hamilton has locks. Sorry not much help.

    Rosemary Cuffaro

    Thank you very much

    Not quite sure what you mean but this may help. Movement has 2 winding wheels near front of housing (3 if chiming on quarter half three quarter hour). The chains go around these wheels with the links fitting into teeth on winding wheel. The weights are then hung on the hook on each chain the heaviest weight in the case of a quarterly chiming movement goes on right hand chain as you face clock. Left hand weight winds strike centre one time keeping and right hand chiming. To carry out the chain fitting it is easiest to remove movement from cabinet. To do this remove the pendulum by unhooking from the top control suspension. DO THIS CAREFULLY as the sunspension spring is fitted above the suspension and is easily broken if twisted side ways and if this occurs the clock will not operate until you replace this suspension spring. Remove weights from chains To remove movement from cabinet you will find fixing screws at the rear of movement accessed through the back top door. The movement then slides out through the top front door. If you need more help I live in Australia and if you wish to contact me by telephone let me know on this site.


    My pleasure let me know how you get on, if you need help just ask.

    Rosemary Cuffaro

    Thank you that was very helpful

    Always remove the weights and pendulum. If at alll possible tape the hook that holds the pendulum in place. Secure the door shut and always lean the clock back with the door facing up when carrying. Be gentle and good luck.

    Rosemary Cuffaro

    Thank you for taking the time to answer me

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