How do I heal from a broken heart

    How Do I Heal from a Broken Heart? How do I let go when the pain is so strong? How do I overcome
    and go on with my life when my Heart is completely shutter?

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    There is no good or easy answer for this. You have to let go completely, move on even if it is taking baby steps one day at a time to do so. God bless and best wishes.

    Rosario, I feel so badly for you. I know how you feel. I'm guessing that most people have a broken heart at least once in their lives. It's so sad and painful. I hate to tell you, but the only thing that will help, is the passage of time. At some point, you will find someone else and if enough time has passed for you, you can love the new person. Try to find stuff to do with friends; or make friends. Being with other people helps also. Take care and be good to yourself.

    Try blue tack. No seriously no one has ever had a "broken heart" Many have had their dreams shattered, most of us have been in a position where we wonder "what the hell?" Remember this phrase, write it down and put on your bathroom mirror, put another on the inside of your car windshield , put one on your computor "THIS TOO SHALL PASS"

    Broken hearts...broken dreams and ideas of how this should have worked out with you as a couple. I understand the helpless numbing feeling of this. I spent a long time depressed and not even wanting to get out of bed. I then realized the man I was pining so hard for was already out there dating and going on with his life while I suffered at home. I had to pick myself up and work on me for a change. I started to go to the gym, gave myself a makeover, I fixed up my home and I put away all the things that reminded me of the past. I realized I had a whole new adventure ahead of me.I bought beautiful things and made my home feel like me and spent the time rediscovering what I wanted instead of him and basically who I was in a singular version. Every time he entered my mind I visualized sending him light and love then let him go. I learned to love me again and in time was quite a happy woman to have had the experience of this relationship behind me. It will pass in time.

    Hold your head up and try to be strong.It will get better

    It's easiest to forget one love by finding a new one. Heartbreak can be terrible. No one is imune.

    Just remember it's your behavior that determines how you appeal to the opposite sex. For the future, I suggest you read Love Tactics or get the audiobook. It's written by two guys in a way that takes you step-by-step through the process, and it works.

    Only time can heal. That's a tough answer, but it's the only thing that will give you freedon from the pain. And try to stay busy, think of other positive things, surround yourself with positive people who love you

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