How to remove a mole with a wart remover

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    I dont think you should be doing this go to the doctors this mole could get infected or worce still it could be non maglignant or maglignat get checked out by a Doctor good luck
    Check the mole out with a doctor. What if it is a melanoma? Don't fool around with moles.
    Yep, I agree with eggplant and melandrupert - go to a doctor. Moles are sometimes not what they seem to be and it is not a good idea to be messing around trying to remove them with a wart remover. They are not the same and must not be treated the same.

    Some moles grow deep benith the skin, should it be cancer you do not want to disturbn it at all.
    The derm. doc. knows and will decide if other measures should be taken!

    This is your body, do not mess around.

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