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    is there a cure for arthritus

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    There are many forms of Arthritis and several treatments. But in most cases, RA is a debilitating and chronic disease that must be constantly addressed by everyone who has it. There is no cure that I know of, but it can be treated successfully with various techniques. In my own case, I keep the weight down and exorcise and move. I believe inactivity worsens the disease and is the worst thing a person can do for the treatment, in the same way back pain is worsened by staying in bed. But seeing a doctor who specializes in RA, is paramount with the earliest symptoms because treatment started earlier is better than later.

    no cure treatment yes cure no have lived with severe rheumatoid arthritis for some 20+ years now, have to exercise (I can only take walks), swimming is the best...some medications will help but stay away from the narcotics (too easy to get hooked) take care of yourself by eating proper meals, keeping the weight down (which can be difficult when your in pain because people tend to eat for comfort)..and so on and on and on

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