my has been in depression for years. No doctor seems to be able to help. It's all medication. i'm at the end of my rope. any suggestions?

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    Have u tried Doctor Jesus,? In the Bible there was a woman who was very rich had lots of money.Spent it all with Doctor tryin 2 get well she hear about a man in town who was healin free of charge. The woman told herself that if I could just touch the hine of this garmont I know I will be maked hold. ASK Jesus Christ 2 heal your depression then believe. Hedrews 11:1-6

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    Because no doctor can truly help you unless you are ready to rely only on medication, and that doesn't always work. It's up to you. Change your lifestyle, change your diet, eat as healthy as possible, resist temptations often for that is a good gesture of love for yourself. Eventually your mind may lift from it's wary grasp spontaneously. And make sure to get your blood flowing/circulating once a day.. walks are great for that. Take in nature. your spirit is in need of awakening.

    Depression is enhanced by being idol. I think if you force yourself up and out for exercise, find a hobby that makes you feel good and try to connect with friends and family or if your able to get a job to keep busy. Get up and fix your hair,put something on that makes you feel good, clean your house, declutter bit by bit.You have to decide it's time to love yourself enough to work through it.I just read a book called the Happiness Project, very good pointers in there. Try to find some good reading material that encourages positive thinking and support for depression. Go to the local health food store and see what you could start to take naturally and maybe even seek out a counsellor to dig in and find out the core reason you are feeling this way.The longer you sit idol, the more time you have to contemplate what is wrong rather than what is so right.It might take a lot of effort in the beginning but it took awhile to get into this and it might take awhile to get kind and patient to yourself.

    You have to be honest about what bothers you all the time to make you depressed. Do you answer truely when the Dr. asks you a question?

    If your experiencing anxiety or panic attacks this is usually a sign of depression. Years ago you were told to see a shrink. If your depression is constant have your blood checked you may have a chemical imbalance. Thyroid problems may cause bouts of depression. We all get depressed from time to time, family issues, job issues, etc; these are relatively short periods of time. Find out what type of depression your suffering from. After a long process my doctor determined that I was sensitive to vitamin "B". Vitamin "B" is necessary for a healthy nervous system, but how your body processes it may be an issue. See your doctor and have a total blood workup done. Don't waste another day in mental hell.

    A lot of good suggestions up there, also Keep yourself busy! Force yourself to get out of the house at least once a day to do something for yourself. They say that depression is anger, turned inward. Find out why you are mad at yourself and do something to change it. Good luck. Keep busy.

    Depression is very real. You need to find a very good caring physch doc who has your best interests in mind. There are a lot of good meds out there but it is indeed trial and error. One that make work great for someone might be a nightmare to someone else. And then sometimes they have to work on dosage and/or maybe taking more than 1 kinds. Hang in there if you get a good doc and he/she works with you and you are totally honest about your feelings and how each med makes you feel, he/she should keep working with you until they hit upon the right ones. God bless and good luck. You are not alone.

    Ron, as I am not a doctor I can not advise you but I can share my experience. During my heart problems my doctors (drug pushers) had me on all kinds of drugs, including tranqualizers, and ceasure medicines. I have never been a stressed, depressed, angry person before I began taking them, I suffered more and more as they gave me drugs for controling drugs !!! I got worse. Then a close very knowledgeable professional friend looked at the looked at the drugs perscribed. He said do me a favor and get off all of them for five days, you are not bi-polar nor have you ever had any such problems of that sort! Call me after the five days tell me how you feel. If you have any real needful problems I will perscribe for you. I did as he ask and all my symptoms and problems dissappeared! Never had any problems of that sort again. It was the drugs!! He gave me two wonderful books called "Key to Yourself" by Venice Bloodworth and "Plato not Prozac" (you can get the authors name on line or at a book shop if you are interested as I forgot it) they were most enlighting and changed my view my attitude and my outlook on life. My Life is Good and Happy again! ! Good luck and God Bless. Hope it helps. We gotta be careful where the Phamacutical Cartel is concerned. ;)

    All of the answers have been good. It is really true you could have a chemical imbalance which is easily treatable. Maybe you should try joing some support groups. Find a doctor who can refer you to a counselor to see if there is a root to your depression, for example; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). However, the other wonderful respones work too in conjuntion to theraphy.

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