How much underground oil do we have in the USA

    How much underground oil do we have in the USA

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    Well, I see some truth here, and some falacies. As a veteran of the oil and natural gas industries, and a student of global political and financial power, allow me to add a few tidbits. First of all, there is enough oil (in all of its forms), and natural gas in North America and its associated territories, to supply ALL of the US and Canada, at current projected growth, for over 200 years! And that, is just what we already know about. Many areas have not even been explored. Second, the fact that most of this oil and gas has not been tapped into, in favor of imported oil and gas, is part of a very old, very well thought out, and very well executed plan by the "Illuminati", or "New World Order" (One in the same, and if you arent educated on the subject, I suggest you do some research. Here is a good place to start BTW, the link is not religious in nature, its just posted on that site). The natural resources within the boundries of our terrritories WILL be extracted, WHEN the powers that be see fit. And rest assured, it wont have the slightest thing to do with cheaper prices at the pump. That isnt their concern. You can also research a guy named Lindsay Williams for more info about what they have planned with the worlds oil. He worked for them for years, and has accurately predicted EVERY trend and event regarding world oil supplies for over 20 years. Educate yourself folks. $4, 5, 6 , 7, and up per gallon prices are just around the corner and there is nothing you can do about it. Be prepared.

    Sincerely, BB

    There is oil and gas everywhere in this country they are talking about going deep here in Ohio.

    There is enough oil in the Gulf of Mexico to sustain the US for the next 50 years at current usage levels. The trouble is that that oil is in VERY DEEP water and after the BP disaster no politician is in a big hurry to go exploring for it at those depths.

    how about North Atlantic off-shore? Or Gulf of Mexico? or TX, OK, LO, ND, Alaska. Why we are not putting workers to oil wells with this gasoline problem upsets me.

    Obama wants to destroy our drilling in favor of environment people. He would rather placate Arabs and Oil speculators then improve our lives. We must rise up against his position and Drill,Drill,Drill!


    We have enough oil to last 200 yrs and have enough natural gas to sustain us for twice that. Alaska is loaded with oil.Obama and his Liberals won't let us drill and make us independant from Arab thieves.

    As an addendum to my post above. Our "Government" is bad, yes. VERY bad, but they have litle to do with the oil situation. They are mere pawns. The oil is controlled by MUCH larger players than Obams and his cronies.

    benerama, you are so wrong. Obama inherited the crap that's going on now. we have millions of oil underground to last several lifetimes. on the west coast, be are blessed with plenty of natural gas. Many of the wells have been capped by the big oil companies to keep the prices high. Obama should freeze prices and watch what happens to the stock market.


    Its Bush's fault.

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