public vote for donald trump as president

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    I don't take him seriously. He's attracting some attention now because of his outspoken nature. I like the fact that he can get down in the gutter dirty and tell it like it is. This is what many people want to hear right now. I predict that the other candidates will follow suit only because the spotlight is on him, bad publicity is better than no publicity. Ask Charlie Sheen.
    I think that the US in serious trouble, No matter who gets in, But for the current Pres. He has done nothing, to help the US, & he never said he would, only play in the sand box with other countries and look where that got us! As for the Donald! I sure hope we aren't that stupid. We need someone that is in touch with real life!
    We do not need a self financed celebrity in office. We already have one. Obama was voted in because of his charisma, not because of his track record, of which he had none. Trump is a Hollywood drama queen who spends his time picking fights with women celebrities. I've never liked him and I like his hair even less.
    I don't think he'd do any better than the BUSH ERA, what a joke that was. Their all making promises till they get in then all they do is make THE RICH-RICHER AND THE WORKING MAN AND THE POOR-POORER. So, TRUMP wants to wave his money around and he can get your vote and money to I remember awhile back Trump had this TV SHOW with JOAN COLLINS, HER DAUGHTER AND CLINT BLACK and they ridiculed LITTLE PEOPLE, which I have SON that's a little person and anybody that's going to make fun of anybody ISN'T PRESIDENTAL MATERIAL!!!

    People don't like trump, just like people don't like Simon from american idol. He tells the truth. Don't let Trumps money make u fear. The only one ridiculed is Donald. Everyone trying to make a joke out of him. I love his hardcore full of substance just not talk plans

    Nobody has to make a JOKE out TRUMP, he does a good job on his. An nobody fears a tweed and I question the truth with him, he couldn't even answer the question posed him during his interview the other day about "Who supposedly told him Obamas birth cert. was a fake" because TRUMP IS THE FAKE!!!!
    I would like to donate $100.00 to his campain and have 1,000,000 people do the same. When Mr. Trump Wins we all win, not only the U.S. citizen but the rest of the world will win as well. If there is any money left over let him put it toward the national debt.
    undecided, but i do like the idea of someone well educated in bussiness running our country,cause lets face it the country needs to be run as a bussiness. no matter how you slice it there all crooks. if the goverment were a private bussiness they'd all be in this point its a matter of how's going to do less harm. having a skytower or two and a tv show certainly shouldn't qualify a canadate...execpt for ronald reagan
    I thougt he would make a good President until he started
    questioning Obamas Education and how he got into Harvard.
    These are trivial things compared to what is happening to our
    country. I hate this infighting between Dems and Repuplicans.
    They get nothing done. I would like to see a woman as our
    Preident. Sara Palin and Michelle Bachman would be torn to
    shreds by the liberal Media if they decide to run.My Choice would be Jon Huntsman from Utah If he decides to became a canditate.
    God help our country!
    i would consider him
    I answered this similar question from another thread, and this is my same response...I don't believe Donald Trump is a serious presidential candidate.
    Right now I would vote for DONALD DUCK if it would assure Obama was a ONE TERM president.
    i think he would be a great president,he would just fire all the lazy,crooked politions,send all the illegals back to where they came from,which would create more jobs for the real americans that want to work and kick all those lazy ass people off welfare that don't want to work,stop letting big industry send so many jobs to other countries...therfore put this country back on the way to total economic improvement..remember what john kennedy said............."it's not what can america do for you,but what can you do for america"
    what do you want another george bush jun.
    I am all for him to get things in gear and stop the waste fraud and abuse too in government--

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