Why do some people feel unworthy of success

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    Maybe they have been told most of their life that are not good for maybe they feel that someone else would be better qualified for the job.
    I don’t see money as a measure of success, or the accumulation of new toys, or having more than someone else. I measure my success by the number and sincerity of happy people I know and meet each day. I know money seems so important that we can’t do without those stacks of paper slips and piles of metal disks, but I remember years when all the money our family had was not enough to cover the bottom a fruit jar on the kitchen table…but we still ate well, helped others when we could, were helped by others when they could and shared life and love, music and adventure with less money and warmer hearts than I have known since those days. You think I’m writing about some far off time but I’m not. That’s how my life is everyday and I love it. I tried the world of working for money and found it to be a dreary dream unworthy of my persistent attention. I quit work in 1972 and never looked back.

    I bet there is a term to describe my attitude in some latin compilation. Maybe its a frightful term that we can all agree, to more easily dismiss the boogie-man behind the printed page. We all have our chosen adventures as I have mine.
    What a good question,sometimes I have doubts about my future,but I fight those feelings away.
    its really a spiritual issue.. sucess is not measured by the goods you own but rather the good you do!
    Lack of confidence.
    There's a medical term for this condition, its psychological. Some people will make excuses for ~not~ doing well, they can't handle success. Partly due to afraid of failure, these people do nothing. When they see success on the horizon, they will pull back in fear of the responsibilities that go with success and/or 'what if I fail after i succeed.

    Mostly I think its due to upbringing, never being patted on the back for doing well but always being scorned for doing bad, the perfect ground is in the middle. I wish i could remember the medical term for this condition..

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